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T&T "Any 4 sections" bugs

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017 04:28PM CST
With release 1.11.0, we encountered two potential problems.

One problem is that currently, in Mission: Grace in Action, Mozo does not prompt that if you uncheck a section, it may take away an award. Our developers are working to fix this problem.

A second potential problem leaders may face with the new T&T award release is regarding clubbers who may have skipped/uncompleted sections. This will not present itself in every clubber, only those who have skipped sections or who had started their book anywhere other than the Start Zone followed by Unit 1.1.
For example, if a clubber has missed 3 weeks, the system is acknowledging 3 missing sections for the previous awards. As it stands, the clubber will be awarded 3 emblems in a row, one for each of the next 3 completed sections.
Say a club is on section 2.8 in Mission: Evidence of Grace and a clubber has missed sections 1.2, 1.6 and 2.4. This would mean that currently, they have completed 13/32 sections. Prior to this release, Mozo would have only awarded the clubber 1 emblem (for sections 2.5-2.8). The clubber should have earned 3 emblems (one for each set of 4 completed sections).
As you continue through the handbook, Mozo is going to try to fill the missing sections with the next completed sections. For each of the next 3 completed sections, your clubber will earn an award. This is because Mozo is automatically acknowledging a section is filling the hole left by the uncompleted sections from the previous awards.
As stated before, this problem will not present itself in all clubbers, only in those who had a partially completed emblem based upon the previous award system.
This pattern will be fixed automatically once the “holes” from uncompleted sections have been filled. If a clubber has missed 2 weeks, all should record properly once 2 more sections have been completed. Please know that we are working diligently to improve this feature, to ensure Mozo is acknowledging the awards only when sections completed are in multiples of 4.
For the time being, please be patient and diligent in ensuring the correct number of awards have been received by your clubber based upon the number of sections completed.
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