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T&T "Any 4 Sections" Release

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017 04:31PM CST
We are excited to announce that with this release Mozo now awards an Emblem for “any 4 consecutive or nonconsecutive sections” completed by a T&T clubber for the Mission books. The most notable change is that award emblem names for these books are no longer numbered, as shown below.

Here is a brand new Clubber. As you can see, there are 0/32 sections completed from Mission: Evidence of Grace:

Previously, the clubber would need to complete 4 consecutive sections to earn their first Award Emblem. This emblem displayed with the title shown below:

Now, a clubber may complete any 4 sections in the T&T Mission books and will be awarded an emblem. In the 5 screenshots below, you can see the first section from each unit is checked off, and the clubber has earned their award. The progress bar shows 4/32 sections completed.

Now that the clubber’s progress has been reported and they have earned an ”Award Emblem.”
Here is a screenshot of the “View Awards” page before the release:

Here is a screenshot of the “View Awards” page after the release:

As you can see, the Emblem name has changed from “1st Emblem – MEOG” to “Award Emblem – MEOG”
Now, if we complete another 4 sections, in the screen shot below, you see the clubber has again earned an “Award Emblem – MEOG” with 8/32 sections completed on the progress bar:

Now that there are two awards showing, we can show the biggest difference on the “View Awards” page. With the old Award System, each emblem had a unique name with the emblems numbered 1-8. With 8 sections completed in the old award system, see the clubber has earned both the “1st Emblem – MEOG” and “8th Emblem – MEOG” see below:

However, with the new functionality, you can see the clubber has earned two “Award Emblem – MEOG”:

It is important to note, that all emblems will appear with the same name for a clubber. Remember, the color of the award presented in the popup or on the award list does not indicate the color of the award the clubber should receive. The color of the award should be the clubber’s choice.

The Awards History Report also reflects the award name change as shown below.

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