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Last Updated: May 02, 2018 08:43AM CDT
Mozo news is provided as a service to our users, to keep you informed on current work in progress and upcoming planned improvements. Even so, our release notes will always serve as the definitive record of Mozo updates and feature releases.


Good afternoon Mozo Users,
After this past month of diligent work we have a number of improvements released and ready for your use!
In this release, we have included the ability to export your clubber contact information into an Excel file, streamlined the process for adding a clubber, added sorting options for your Attendance page, and improved the Award History view under Manage Children.

First, you can now export your clubber’s contact info into a .csv or .xls file. This will allow you to glean the information for use outside of the Mozo program. This can be used to create a more robust roster or to copy/paste information such as an email to more easily send communications to your clubbers parents/ guardians or other adults added into the system.

Second, we have included an update to the “Add Child” page. You will now be able to input the basic information including name, gender, handbook, etc. as well as assign a group and any contact information for a clubber. You do need to first “Add” the child, then you will be given the option to assign a group or add contact information, or to finish and add another new child. This will alleviate needing to add a child and open their profile under “Manage Children” as was previously required to add contact information. 

The third aspect of this release allows you to now sort your Attendance page by first name or last name. This will allow for easier sorting during clubber check in. You will also be able to run the Attendance Report for Active Clubbers, Inactive Clubbers, or both and you can also sort by either first name or last name on the report.

Finally, we have made the “Award History” under Manage Children easier to view. The awards are now grouped under each handbook the clubber has done in a collapsible menu. This will make it easier to distinguish which awards were given for each handbook, and if each award has been confirmed. Please see the screen shot below for a brief view of this screen:

For all of the features to become available to you in your browser, you may need to clear your cookies and cache. If you need assistance in this, please contact the Mozo help desk or Awana Customer Care and a representative will be happy to walk you through that process.

Awana Mozo Team

If you have any questions or need to report any bugs, please contact the Mozo Help Desk at

For a more thorough update including screenshots, please see the article here​.

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.


Good afternoon Mozo Users,
Awana’s Technology team is working hard to update and improve your online Awana experience. Included in this effort are a number of Mozo developments as well as a new which is launching Spring 2018. These highly requested Mozo features are in development with an expected release by the end of April 2018.

First, we are excited to announce the development of a Child Contact Info report. Using this report, users will be able to export the contact information for their club. From this Excel format report, users will be able to copy/paste the contact email addresses into the recipient line of an email to send out club communications. Users will also be able to print the report to be used as a club roster.

We are also excited to announce one of our most requested features also coming by the end of April, which is the ability to sort your clubbers by first or last name. This will allow taking attendance to be much easier for larger clubs. No more scrolling to check in siblings such as “Adam” and “Victoria.” Users will be able to choose between sorting clubbers by first or last name to best suit the club’s needs.

Another coming addition is the ability to add a new clubber’s contact information without having to enter the “Manage Children” page. Users will soon be prompted on the “Add Child” screen to also add the clubber’s contact info as well. We will also be implementing an improvement for the “Attendance Report” to allow for the choice of active clubbers, inactive clubbers, or both for a better historical record of attendance.

We look forward to this release and are working diligently to provide these items for you in a prompt manner. Please be on the lookout for another update and for the release notes once these developments are ready.

Awana Mozo Team

If you have any questions or need to report any bugs, please contact the Mozo Help Desk at

For a more thorough update including screenshots, please see the article here​.

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.


The release today includes the functionality to allow "any 4 consecutive or nonconsecutive" sections in the new T&T Mission handbooks to award an emblem.

With this update, we have encountered a glitch which we are working on. This glitch will not allow Mozo to prompt that an award is being removed when you un-check a particular section. We are working to make this change as quickly as possible and will update users once the problem has been rectified.

One area of confusion may come when a clubber completes 4 sections which may have previously given an award. Until you reach your next round number for awards given, you may want to confirm between either an existing paper record, or the clubber's uniform to ensure they have earned and been given the correct number of awards. One way to check this would be to compare sections completed, to the Awards Report, to the number of emblems a clubber has been given.

If you have any questions or need to report any bugs, please contact the Mozo Help Desk at

For a more thorough update including screenshots, please see the article here​.

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.


The release scheduled for 12/14/2017 will include the long awaited functionality to allow "any 4 consecutive or nonconsecutive" sections in the new T&T Mission handbooks to award an emblem.

With this update, all of your current information will remain in Mozo, but the way the emblems are awarded and displayed on reports will be slightly different.

Previously, awards appeared as numbered, 1st Emblem, 2nd Emblem, etc. In our new Award setup, the name of the awards has changed to simply be "Award Emblem - MEOG" or "Award Emblem - MGIA" for each of the respective Mission books. All previously awarded emblems will now be displayed by the new name, but still show the true date the award was earned.

For a more thorough update including screenshots, please see the article here​.

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.


The release this week included a new option for the  "check in" report. When you run the “Check In” report, there is now a box to include any listed allergies and medical notes on the report. 

The New Manage Point Transaction feature is now available. Under the Manage Club tab, account owners are able to manage point transactions. The functions which are available through the “Manage Point Transactions” screen are: Add a new transaction (good for adding points from a previous date), Edit an existing transaction (you can edit the number of points as well as the date on which the points were awarded), and Delete an existing transaction. A detailed step by step description is available under the support center. You can access that article here.

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.



The release this week included fixing a bug in the "check in" report.

We have continued researching the cause of errors and functionality shortcomings our users have experienced on Wednesday night, particularly during club time. At this time, we have taken some steps which we believe may alleviate the strain, but we are continuing to look for our permanent solution to fix the system functionality.

We are excited to announce some highly requested features we have in the Mozo development queue. We are building a feature where Account Owners will be able to edit point entries made for the club. This will include editing the date, number of points given, as well as being able to delete point transactions!

Another highly anticipated feature that will soon be in development is the "any four sections" award system for the new T&T handbooks. Mozo currently only acknowledges consecutive sections for T&T awards, but in the near future, it will accommodate any four sections towards earning an award!

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.


The release this week included a few bug fixes that were made to address the errors and loading problems faced by our users on 9/20/17.

One such fix is regarding the data pull for taking attendance. The loading has been streamlined to ensure the data is being pulled efficiently for account owners.

Another fix is in regards to point transactions. There was an error in the background caching which has been corrected.

Both of these fixes are expected to ease the load on our servers to better serve during high traffic times such as club night.

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.


The release this week included a few bug fixes along with adding a few features to make your interaction with Mozo smoother and faster.

Two major improvements that you will notice when using Mozo in your Awana club are the added features in My Groups. You can see in the image here that we've added the allergies section displayed for children with allergies. Also, the quick select button let's you switch quickly from one child to another without unselecting first. Hopefully this will allow more time and eye contact with the children and less time looking at the Mozo! 

See our release notes to find out more details and other things we've fixed!

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.


Hello again to all of our wonderful Mozo users! We have another Mozo update with some really great features you've been asking for. Hopefully you will find that this update helps keep your records clean an tidy.

First, we have given you the ability to delete a clubbers profile and data related to them. We've also added a few preference options for how things are displayed. One option you can now choose is how the handbook sections are displayed (i.e. collapsed or not). The other is to show or hide the "confirm" button under "my groups." In this update, we also make it improvements so that you can select clubbers faster under "manage children." Hopefully you find these improvements helpful as you start your year! 

See our release notes to find out more details and other things we've fixed!

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.

This release updates focused on creating a better experience when managing clubbers contact information and managing your groups. You can now add multiple emergency contacts for each clubber and his or her relationship to the child. You can also add points to individuals as well as groups under "My Groups." Readability of award history was also improved. Other visual consistencies were improved as well. 

One point to note is that you now have the ability to choose whether or not you want your leaders to be able to see clubber contact information under their "My Groups" tab. If you would like your leaders to see this information, you will need to select the check box labeled "Allow Leaders to See Contacts" under your "My Settings" tab. 

See our release notes to find out more details and other things we've fixed!

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.

Hello Mozo users!

We've released some new features this week as well as added the new T&T book, Mission: Evidence of Grace! New features, which are all within the Manage Children page, include the ability to add and remove children from groups in a new section there.  We've also included a listing of the child's past award history that also indicates which awards have yet to be confirmed.  The "inactivate a child" feature has been improved and is more evident now when a child is selected.

See our release notes to find out more details and other things we've fixed!

Blessings to you as you begin another new club year!


Greetings Mozo users! We rolled out release 1.6.4 this week and are excited to announce that it includes the ability to mark prior attendance! We also transitioned our attendance report from the Manage Club page to the new Reports area so that you can easily report on all that past attendance you'll be entering. We even added a new birthday list on the Reports page as well.

Service Disruption Follow-up
We appreciate your patience during our service disruption several weeks ago, on 9/21/16. So, what happened? Quite simply, the number of users on the system exceeded the available server capacity. That meant that many of you couldn't access Mozo and/or your user data during the outage period. 

Our team worked quickly to determine the reasons that server capacity wasn't aligned properly, and made necessary adjustments that brought Mozo fully back online the following day. Since then, we have monitored the system regularly and are glad to report no further problems.


Mozo Service Restored
Mozo service was fully restored at 12:00 pm Central time today. We deeply regret the frustration that this disruption caused, and are already taking steps to improve based on what we've learned. More information to come.


Mozo Service Disruption
Beginning approximately 7 p.m. Central Time tonight, Mozo is experiencing connectivity issues with our servers. We are working to diagnose the reason and correct the problem. However, we recognize that any outage is an inconvenience and we apologize for this downtime.


Back and Better Than Ever!
Greetings Mozo users! Please forgive the long gap in communication -- it won't happen again. But it's not because we haven't been busy! Check out the highlights of our past few months of work, all available now for your new club year:
  • Delivered the long-awaited Groups feature. This is perhaps Mozo's most significant improvement since its inception, because now you can get to the kids you work with regularly in your group in just a couple of clicks -- then do all the core functions of Mozo on their records from the same screen. No more clicking all through the application to get it all done!
  • Part of our initial groups feature set is the ability to record group points -- made for Game Time scorekeeping! (But we know it can be better, so let us know your suggestions)
  • By popular demand, we disconnected attendance from handbook progress. Now you can check handbooks anytime without affecting attendance records!
  • Rolled out the first of a multi-phase expansion of child data records, with fields for allergy/medical, home church, brought by, and grade level. Many more fields to come in future phases, including family contact info and custom fields!
We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.

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Greetings Mozo users! Today we announce a deployment to update and improve two recent new features: reporting and our "sections completed" visual indicator on the handbook progress screen. Details of these improvements are available in the notes for release 1.5.1.

Get Ready for Groups!
We are thrilled to share that we are well into our development process on a long-awaited Groups feature for Mozo! Our initial iteration will include the following capabilities:
  • Account owners can create groups:
    • Create group with custom name
    • Indicate group type (book or game) to allow for further refinement of group functionality based on its usage in club
    • Add leaders to group (from listing of leaders affiliated with your church who already have Full Mozo license access)
    • Add children to group (children and leaders can be in more than one group)
  • Account owners can see a listing of all created groups, with capability to edit or delete any existing group
  • Users (non account owners) can see any group(s) they are assigned to, along with member children

Future development of Mozo will then take group assignments and streamline users' experience in Mozo by offering a "your group only" view of Mozo. Additional development of functions around group type (book, game, and others to come) will further enhance the way that groups will improve Mozo.

Groups development is in direct response to user requests, so we very much look forward to delivering the first iteration and then responding to your feedback and ideas. Together we will keep making Mozo better and better!

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our improvements.

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Greetings Mozo users! We've had a bit of a gap since our last update, due to some challenges in our development efforts related to reporting. But we faced and overcame them, and learned many good things along the way. That makes today all the more exciting, as we announce release 1.5!

Reporting for Duty
Mozo 1.5 features the long-awaited first iterations of attendance reporting and awards reporting! (These reports are available to account owners only and can be found on the Manage Club page.) Both report on all, or a time-defined set, of user data. In addition, both allow you to report on all the kids in your Mozo system, or use the search box to narrow your reporting group to any search term: club, family name, or even individual child. (You can also click child icons to de-select children and refine your searched group even further.) In addition, we improved the output file of our existing points reporting feature by adding what leader entered each point entry on a child, as well as several other improvements.

Simplifying Your Experience
In response to user feedback, this release also streamlines handbook progression with fewer pop-up confirmations and cleans up the appearance of child and club name information under the child icons to make them easier to read without overlap.

All of these improvements are in response to your requests, so please help us now with your feedback. Together we will make Mozo better together!

We invite you to let us know about your experience with any of our mprovements.

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Hello Mozo users! We're excited to get release 1.4.2 out to you this week, expanding the points tracking feature with reporting and bulk-clearing features available to account owners.

And speaking of reporting, that's the name of the game right now. In addition to the points reporting, we have nearly wrapped up work on attendance reporting as well -- to be released very soon! Plus, our developers have just begun work on an awards reporting feature that will summarize all, or a time-defined set, of awards a child has earned.

All of these new reporting capabilities are in response to many user requests, so please help us now with your feedback! And thank you in advance for your patience with the process as we build out these reporting capabilities.

As always, let us know what your experience is with any of our new improvements.

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Greetings and Happy New Year! This week we deployed release 1.4.1 featuring the first iteration of a much-requested Points/Shares Tracking feature! Note that we have many more developments planned on this feature, and YOU are part of guiding our development, so please share your input.

This release also introduces the ability to search by gender within a club, and also simplifies the birth date selector in the Add Child function.

Finally, release 1.4.1 fixes bugs that were preventing users in certain circumstances from adding new child records.

As always, let us know what your experience is with any of our new improvements.

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Greetings! Yesterday we deployed release 1.3.2 featuring expanded search shortcuts and a new "Assign Next Book" feature that presents when a child completes the final required section in the existing handbook.

As always, let us know what your experience is with any of our new improvements.

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Greetings! Today we deployed release 1.3.1 with fixes for a couple of technical issues, most importantly dealing with our ongoing issue of awards performance. With today's release, we are confident that a child will now appear on the View Awards page under "Today's Awards" as soon as the award is earned. Please let us know what your experience is with the newly improved View Awards page.

In other news, we've introduced tutorial videos to the Support Center! You can check out our first one, introducing the new Inactivate a Child Record feature, right here.   

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Extra! Extra! Today is our biggest news day yet since our 9/1/15 launch! Last night we deployed release 1.3.0 with several substantial improvements to Mozo:
Major program/handbook listing update
Thank you for your patience! We would have delivered these additional programs and handbook options into Mozo sooner, but award creation/coordination/testing was very time-consuming. Now, when you go to assign (on Add Child) or re-assign (on Manage Children) a child to a program, you have the full Awana lineup available – from Puggles to Journey!
Following are highlights of this major program/handbook listing update:
  • Puggles is now a club option on the Add Child screen. You can then select “Puggles Lessons” as the corresponding “handbook” option, and mark each week's lesson complete so you can track progress like all other kids.
  • Cubbies Apple Acres entrance booklet now includes Bear Hug B – yay!
  • T&T Start Zones are now clearly distinguished as “UA Start Zone” and “UC Start Zone”
  • T&T Silver & Gold extra credit sections now exist as their own “virtual books” in Mozo to streamline tracking handbook progress and improve awards accuracy. (Look them up in any of the handbook listings in Mozo, just like you would the regular handbooks.)
  • Trek Check entrance booklet made the cut this time. J
  • Trek 2: His Love resources are now available to assign students to and mark handbook progression
  • Journey is now a program option on the Add Child screen.  Once you assign a student to Journey, the full lineup of existing Journey studies becomes available to select  for that student’s handbook progress.

Finally! “Inactivate a record” is here
You asked, and here it is – a way to clean up test accounts and duplicate records! Now Account Owners have the ability to inactivate a child’s record directly from the Manage Children screen. This action removes the child’s listing from all screens (and search box results) in Mozo except for the “Inactive” tab on the Manage Children page. Using the Inactivate/Activate feature is easy:
  1. On Manage Children, search or scroll to locate the child record you want to inactivate. Select it, then click the “x” to move the record to inactivated status.

  1. You can double-check the inactivation by clicking the orange “Inactive” button to see the record there … or by looking all through the rest of Mozo in vain to find the record. It’s been inactivated!

  1. You can reverse an inactivation at any time by locating the record on the “Inactive” list and clicking the “✓” to move it back to active status. You can then see it on the “Active” list and throughout Mozo.

Tip: The darker orange background color indicates which listing ("Active" or "Inactive") is currently showing. In the example immediately above, you're seeing the "Inactive" listing with "Inactive" showing a darker orange background. (You can also easily confirm which screen it is by what action is available on each record. If activate (check mark) is an option, you're on the Inactive screen -- and vice versa.)

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Early today we deployed Mozo release 1.2.0. Some of the highlights include:

Handbook reassignment is here!
Finally! Now account owners can go to the Manage Children screen and reassign a child to another handbook in a few easy steps. Simply select the child's name, then look to the right for the handbook name drop-down. Make the updated book selection, then click "Update" and the child will now default to that book in handbook progression. This is a much-requested solution either for cases where a child was erroneously assigned to a wrong book, but also for kids who have completed a book and need to "promote" to the next book. the numbers
Many users have asked for more out of the Mozo attendance feature. Today, we are pleased to announce step one in that process: the "Attending Today" feature. This simple drop-down on the Take Attendance screen gives you a a snapshot view of how many kids you have in each club, and in your total program, but also how many are marked present at a given point. 

Attending Today is an active summary of your attendance for the night, now matter how many different leaders are marking kids present! (Just be sure to hit refresh/reload when you're checking the attendance numbers on your own device, to ensure you are seeing all other leaders' inputs from their devices.) This is a simple but important way that you could use Mozo for safety and security at your church, if you ever had to clear the building and "count heads" to make sure everyone was out. The Attending Today would give you the totals you needed at a glance. To access the Attending Today feature, simply go to Take Attendance and click the drop-down under the search box.

Speaking of attendance info...
This release also adds club name under child name on the Take Attendance Screen. More info about a child is always a good thing, right?! This little perk reminded us to remind you how easy it is to quickly find kids in Mozo.

And speaking of finding kids...
Thanks to the input of one of our great customers, we've added the search box from Take Attendance and Handbook Progress to the Manage Children screen. Now account owners can type part of first or last name, or one of the club search shortcuts, to narrow down the listing of children in the Manage Children screen.

Thanks for your continued partnership in making Mozo better and better. BIG things coming in our next release! 


UPDATE: Effective approx. 1:00 pm Central Time, the Mozo login issues were fully resolved and the issue has now been closed with our single sign-on provider. The system is now accessible to all users via your usual login method at We will be reviewing the details of this situation internally and with our provider to learn what we could do differently or better to avoid an issue like this in the future. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize again for any inconvenience this down time has caused.

(10:30 am Central Time) Mozo login is down due to issues with a new code release in the software that provides all "single sign-on" experiences on Awana web sites, including Mozo. (This software enables you to seamlessly transition between Mozo and myAwana, without having to logout/login every time.) This is currently affecting all user logins. We do apologize for this down time, and are working actively to resolve the problem.

We do have a temporary workaround for account owners only as follows:
  1. login to 
  2. click on your name (upper right hand) -- should take you to
  3. click on Leader Management (blue tab)
  4. click on Mozo tab 

Again, we apologize for this inconvenience. Our developer team is working closely with the single sign-on software provider to determine the cause of this problem and put a fix into place.


Welcome to Mozo News! Today we are deploying Mozo release 1.1.3 and will share details of those improvements, plus give you an update on work in progress and upcoming improvements too!

Mozo Release 1.1.3
Regrettably, this release does not include the key improvements detailed below, in the 10/08/2015 Mozo News article under “Work in Progress” – and thus does not yet resolve technical issues #101-102. This is disappointing to us, as we know it is to you. Thank you for your continued patience.
We did make good progress and successfully synchronized all the existing handbook data with the additional new handbook data (Puggles, Trek 2, Journey, etc). However, we continue to see challenges in connecting all of that with the specific, conditional award definitions that fire upon handbook requirements being met.
We are currently working on all of this in our development environment. As soon as all of the functionality is working well together, we will move everything up through our other testing environments with continued performance and stability testing. As soon as it goes live for your use in Mozo, you will see it there and hear about it here!
On a positive note, we do still have a code release today! Today's deployment is all about enhancing user experience in Mozo, in response to feedback. Improvements include:
  • If you’re reading this, you more than likely got here by selecting our new “Latest Mozo News” link. (Welcome to the neighborhood!) This link is available on the home screen and all other screens (except Learning & Resources and Manage Leaders, for technical reasons) as a quick way to see what’s new with Mozo.
  • As another convenience, we’ve added a “Learn more about this feature” link on most screens in Mozo (all except Learning & Resources and Manage Leaders, for technical reasons). These links take you into the Mozo Support Center to specific explanatory information on that particular screen.
  • On the home screen and in menus, we've moved the "My View" option to be near Take Attendance and the other club night tools. We did this because My View is available to any user, so we wanted to position it away from "Manage Children" and "Manage Leaders" – features available only to Account Owners.
  • On Add Child screen, the "attending today" checkbox behavior has been improved to reset each time you save a new child record. (Previously, it was not resetting which created confusion as users were adding a number of child records.)
  • On Handbook Progress screen, we have changed behavior so that you must select a child’s name before any progression options will appear below the child listing. (Previously, the progression options would appear even though no child was selected, and some users marked progress without selecting a child first, thinking they had done so. This created a source of confusion that will now be eliminated.)
  • On Handbook Progress screen, we have improved Mozo’s handling of required vs. optional (i.e. extra-credit) sections. Now, as you check off the last required section before an optional one, Mozo will go ahead and advance to the next set of required sections instead of “waiting” at the optional ones.

    (Because we are still fine-tuning Mozo’s handling of optional sections, having to “wait” at an optional section left users kind of stuck there. You could manually go around to the next required section, but Mozo was remembering the waiting point at the optional section and returning there every time you selected a child for handbook progress. If that child was never going to do the optional section where Mozo was “waiting”, it took away one of the key tenets of Mozo – that it remembers where the child is in the handbook and moves alongside you.  We were not willing to have every user experience that, so we made this improvement.)

    However, as with many decisions in an interactive medium like software, this one has a pro and a con depending on the user situation.
  • Pro: Since all children in your club move through the required sections of the handbooks, this improvement means that every leader will benefit as Mozo automatically moves you from required section to required section – essentially side-stepping the optional ones.
  • Con: For those kids who do the extra credit, you will have to do a bit more clicking or tapping to get back to those optional sections after Mozo moves past them. You do that by selecting the section drop-down (under the book name drop-down) and navigating back to the desired section that contains the optional section you want to mark off.

Since more users will experience the pro than the con, we chose to implement the change.

Upcoming Improvements
In addition to our continued top priority of troubleshooting known technical issues #101 and #102 (award summaries and pop-ups working inconsistently or not at all), we are now about to start work on #104 (can’t change child to another handbook). And soon after that, we’re taking on #106 (handbook history check marks appearing on their own). All of this is work in progress, with no guarantee of how quickly progress will be made. The fixes must work well with the rest of Mozo so we anxiously look forward to seeing and testing the work ourselves.
And finally, this week we met with one of our developer resources to scope the work for the feature of account owners being able to inactivate a child in Mozo. This feature is very similar to the much-requested “delete a child” feature in that the record will become invisible throughout Mozo. The only difference with inactivate is that you actually will be able to go back and reactivate the child’s record and not lose whatever was there. (Say a child “drops out” of club one year but comes back the next. Inactivate and reactivate would serve ministry needs better in that you would still have the child’s information available, rather than having to start over after having deleted the record.) Work on this inactivate feature will be underway in the very near future.
Tip! Ahead of formal ability to deactivate a child, below are a couple of intermediate steps you can take now to deal with an unwanted child record:
  • Use the unwanted record as your next new child record. Learn more about doing that here.
  • Push the unwanted record to the very end of your child listings, so you at least won't have to see it. Do that by going to the Manage Children screen, selecting the unwanted record by name, then updating the first name with "zzz" at the beginning. (For example, change "John" to "zzzJohn" or even just "zzz" to clearly indicate it's an unwanted record.) This will push the child name to the very end of child listings on all screens, since they are alphabetized by child first name, then last name. (The only thing that would keep the "zzz" record from being at the very end is if it was selected in My View-- you just want to make sure it's not selected there.)


Welcome to the first edition of Mozo News! Today, we'd like to briefly update you on two things: work currently underway to improve Mozo, as well as our most recent improvement.

Work in Progress
We're working hard right now to make Mozo better! This includes:
  • A major update to handbook database that will add/correct the following items:
    • Add Puggles as a club option for the first time, with the ability to mark each week's Puggles lesson "complete" for each child in handbook progress so you can track their progress like all other kids (even though there is no handbook in Puggles)
    • Include Cubbies Bear Hug B in Apple Acres handbook progression (currently missing)
    • Distinguish Ultimate Adventure and Ultimate Challenge Start Zones
    • Add Trek Check
    • Add Trek 2 curriculum
    • Add Journey as a program option for the first time, and Journey studies into handbook progress
  • Improving the "Award Items Needed" box on the View Awards page. Currently, if some children complete Red Jewel 1 and others complete Red Jewel 2, the Award Items Needed box tallies those as two totals on two separate lines (even though it is the same physical red jewel award item they would all be receiving). The improvement we're working on in the Award Items Needed box will tally all awards by physical award type to enable you to easily scan this list and know what and how many of each physical award item to gather for nightly awards distribution. In our example, then, all the children earning a red jewel for the night would be totaled into a single line total in Award Items Needed.

The items above still have remaining work needed before you'll see them live in Mozo, but our goal is to deploy them no later than Tuesday, October 13th.

Most Recent Improvement
On 09/30/15 we released the alphabetized view of children (by first name, then last name) on all screens. (Note that the children selected in the My View (formerly "Manage Group") feature will still appear ahead of the alpha order sort in any view.) This alphabetizing feature has been incorporated into the knowledge base article "How do I quickly find children?"
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