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Last Updated: May 07, 2018 10:59AM CDT
1.12.0    5/1/2018
  • Child Contact Report now available to export  information from Mozo's contact fields
  • Updated Add Child form now allows adding contact information and group selection from individual page
  • Attendance page can now be sorted by first or last name
  • Award history updated under Manage Children to better reflect handbook and award relationship- Visible in collapsible menu form
  • Attendance report corrected to include active clubbers, inactive clubbers, or both 

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1.11.0    12/14/2017
  • Mozo now able to accommodate "any 4 sections requirement for T&T Mission award emblems

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1.10.0    10/31/2017
  • Option now available for "Check In" report to display allergies and medical notes under the clubber's names on report
  • Manage Point Transactions feature now ready to be used by account owners under Manage Club

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1.9.0    10/24/2017
  • Bug fixes to rectify the check in report removing the first child from the first handbook group

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1.8.9    9/26/2017
  • Fixes loading errors in attendance data as an account owner
  • Fixes loading errors for point transactions

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1.8.8    9/12/2017
  • Fixes a bug with the "Required" button under Handbook History under Manage Children
  • The list of reports are now sorted by name
  • Allergies are now displayed under My Groups in the clubber listing if the "ALLOW LEADERS TO SEE ALLERGIES AND NOTES" setting is checked 
  • The "Update Group" button text is no longer clipped when viewing group details
  • For mobile users the Contacts email field now uses the "email" keyboard; phone fields use the "phone" keyboard
  • The clubber listing under My Groups now includes a "quick-select" icon (arrow in circle) when clicked or tapped, it selects just that clubber, submits, opens the handbook progress, and goes to the first unchecked mandatory activity
  • Tapping anywhere on the clubber entry in the clubber list under My Groups (except on the quick-select icon) now toggles the checkbox

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1.8.7    8/29/2017
  • The ability to delete clubbers and their related data
  • The preference to not automatically collapse handbook sections when checking them off
  • The preference (for account owners) to hide the "confirm" button under Awards under My Groups
  • An improvement to make selecting clubbers in the Manage Children a little faster.

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  • New manage contacts feature for clubbers.
  • Fixes bug with phantom checkbox exhibited under unit 2 of Mission: Evidence of Grace handbook progression.
  • Group points can now be assigned even if there is only one group member.
  • Group and individual point assignment clarification under my groups.
  • Inactive children in groups now show "(inactive)" by their name.
  • Awards history under "Manage Children" is more readable.
  • Attendance report now has date range validation.
  • Made subtitle on pages more consistent (showing the current date). 

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‚Äč1.8.5     8/8/2017
  • All awards earned (even if confirmed) are now displayed, per child, under Manage Children, after a child is selected, under the section "Awards".
  • Children can be added to or removed from groups under Manage Children, after a child is selected, under the "Group Information" section.
  • The "Award History" report now shows the "Confirmed" column correctly-- it had been showing "Y" for unconfirmed, and blank for confirmed.
  • The "Attending Today" feature when adding multiple new children was not recording attendance for subsequent children when you added more than one at a time. This has been fixed.
  • Made the ability to toggle a clubber as active/inactive more evident when the clubber row is selected under Manage Children.
  • Fixed the login page flicker that occurred when logging in.

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1.7.0     11/30/2016

  • Improved user interface of Manage Children page and added searching/filtering by group name.

  • Improved responsiveness and user experience in the My Groups area.

  • Corrected performance issue with Activity History report.

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    1.6.9     11/15/2016

    • Introduced new "Awards History" report in Reports module.

    • Completed adjustments begun in release 1.6.8 to ensure that Mozo handles "bring a friend" sections in all handbooks consistently.

    • Completed adjustments begun in release 1.6.8 to more clearly recognize handbook progress transition between entrance booklet and first full handbook.

    • Removed points entry boxes from attendance page when user is marking prior attendance, i.e. for any date earlier than current date. 

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    1.6.8     11/08/2016

    • Introduced new "Activity History" report in Reports area that details all sections completed within selected date range by active children currently placed in Mozo handbook groups.

    • Based on user feedback, adjusted how Bring a Friend sections are handled in Mozo Handbook Progress to make it more directly reflective of how those sections are presented in the actual handbooks; i.e. as required sections that are part of a larger section grouping that -- once completed -- qualifies for an award. 

    • Improved Mozo support of the three Sparks Frequent Flyer extra-credit books by adding award pop-ups at appropriate points in the Handbook Progress. Also corrected an issue that was causing the "choose child's next handbook" pop-up to occur at incorrect points in Frequent Flyer book progress.

    • Implented user suggestion to present "Start Zone Complete" pop-up when clubber has completed T&T Mission:Grace in Action Start Zone so that leaders will have clear indicator that it's time to provide a handbook to the child. Also made this improvement in relation to all other club entrance booklets.

    • Corrected issue where children marked "inactive" in Manage Children area were still showing up in Group Management as options to include in groups. 

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    1.6.7     11/01/2016

    • Optimized presentation of Reports drop-down menus for mobile
    • Improved handbook progression to update the program as well as the handbook when assigning a new handbook after existing handbook is completed
    • Corrected issue where new Mozo users could be added with a blank first or last name field; now both name fields must be filled.

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    1.6.6     10/27/2016

    • Introduced a new points summary report
    • Added leader's email address on the leader listing report
    • Improved database connection configuration so that idle connections are removed from the connection pool in a timely manner

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    1.6.5     10/18/2016

    • Corrected issue where status bar in Handbook Progress was not accurately reflecting completed sections in certain handbooks
    • Enhanced award popup screens so that clicking anywhere on the popup will dismiss it
    • Corrected issue where "Confirm" buttons in My Groups past award view were not functioning in every case
    • Improved database table structuring to create quicker user experience and lighten processor load on database server

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    1.6.4     10/11/2016

    • Introduced ability for Account Owners to enter prior attendance in Take Attendance by changing the date at the top of the screen before marking children present for that date
    • Added a Birthday List report to Reports
    • Updated Attendance Report and moved it from Manage Club to Reports
    • Removed old "my view" sorting of clubbers that was still going on behind the scenes and affecting order of child names presented
    • Fixed issue where some clubs were unable to manage children or groups
    • Streamlined My Groups function code to load faster

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    1.6.3     9/21/2016

    • Introduced new Reports module for account owners! Features long-requested list reports of clubbers, leaders, and groups -- plus a points detail report and a group points summary. All reports in this new module are available in multiple output formats (PDF, XLS, CSV, XML).
    • Streamlined the invite emails that go out when you add a leader within Manage Leaders. Addressed some glitches and cleared up confusing links.

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    AwanaYM handbook progress     9/16/2016

    • Added new Journey: Disciples book into Handbook Progression.
    • Updated Trek 3: His People to include both 2-year and 3-year Bible reading plans

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    • Fixed bug that was preventing account owners from deleting groups.

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    1.6.2-1     9/9/2016

    • Fixed bug that was making it difficult to properly select grade level for child in Add Child and Manage Children screens.

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    1.6.2     9/7/2016

    • Fixed bug that was preventing Mozo Free Trial users from being able to access the My Groups and Manage Children screens.

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    1.6.1     9/1/2016

    • By popular request, disconnected the requirement that a child be marked attending today in order to work with that child's record in handbook progress
    • Introduced group points feature within My Groups. (This add/deduct option for the group as a whole enables Game Time scorekeeping.)
    • Introduced "multi-child" features including one-click attendance for multiple children and one-click point distribution to each selected group member.
    • Introduced phase 1 of planned expansion of child data fields. This phase included the following new fields: grade level, brought by, home church, allergies/medical, notes. (Future phases will include family contact information and customizable data fields.)
    • Added new Trek 3: His People book into handbook progression.

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    1.6.0     8/18/2016

    • Corrected performance issues in "Attending Today" drop-down box on Take Attendance page
    • Improved user experience in Manage Children when switching between active and inactive child records.

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    1.6     8/4/2016

    • Introduced new T&T Mission: Grace in Action book in Handbook Progression
    • Introduced bulk upload of core child data (name, gender, date of birth, program, handbook)
    • Introduced Manage Groups feature: ability for account owners to create, edit, and delete groups
    • Introduced My Groups feature: ability for all full-license users to see groups to which they are assigned as leaders so they can quickly locate children
    • Introduced ability to do attendance, points, handbook progression, and view awards info on a child group member directly from the My Groups screen
    • Improved performance of the Handbook History feature, available to account owners on the Manage Children page

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    Mozo Free Trial     7/27/2016

    90-day free trial experience of Mozo available to any church with a Classic membership level. Unlimited number of users can experience all Mozo features for the duration of the trial. To enroll, click here.

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    1.5.1     4/20/2016

    • On Points Reporting output file, for each entry on transactions tab, corrected the leader designation so it properly notes who made the point entry
    • On Awards Reporting output file, improved sorting of report results
    • On Handbook Progress screen, improved section progress visual indicator so that it properly reduces number of sections completed when an activity checkbox in a previously completed section is "unchecked"

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    1.5     3/29/2016

    • Introduced attendance reporting and awards reporting features for account owners.
    • Improved existing points reporting feature to indicate which leader awarded each point entry, as well as other improvements to the report output file.
    • Streamlined handbook progress experience by reducing number of pop-up confirmations.
    • Improved View Awards page so that an opened child listing can be re-closed by clicking the header bar again.
    • Cleaned up child name/club listings under the icons on all screens by restricting character count on each entry line.

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    1.4.2     2/9/2016

    • Enhanced points tracking with two related new features for account owners:
      • The ability to run reports on children’s accumulated point totals
      • The ability to clear points from children’s point tallies all at once
    • Introduced new “Manage Club” page to house these and future club-wide capabilities for account owners
    • Alphabetized award listings on the View Awards page for easier scanning.
    • Cleaned up the appearance of child names/icons on Take Attendance screen.

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    1.4.1     1/11/2016

    • Introducing the Points/Shares Tracking feature! This feature, located under the child icon on the Take Attendance page, allows users to tap/click the "+/-" image to add positive points/shares for any activity and Mozo will track a running total per child. In addition, users can deduct points/shares from a child's balance (for Awana Store spending) by placing a minus sign before the number entry.
    • Enhanced Mozo so that now, if a user needs to "undo" a child's already completed activity/section in Handbook Progress, any corresponding award previously earned by that activity/section completion also is "undone" -- i.e. removed from the Mozo system and the View Awards page.
    • Resolved bug 111 in which new accounts who were attempting to add their first child records into Mozo were unable to do so.
    • Resolved bug 109 in which users were unable to add new child records in Puggles, even when they could add new child records in other clubs.
    • Added the ability to filter search of child records by gender within a single club. Learn more here.
    • Simplified the birth date picker in Add Child function, so birth dates can now be added with only three taps/clicks (year, then month, then day).
    • Improved View Awards page so that the "Award Items Needed" listing updates in real time in response to any action on awards. (These actions could be a positive, such as user "confirming" the award in Mozo to document when the physical award was given to child, or a negative, such as when user needs to undo handbook progress activity erroneously marked complete, and this action "undoes" an award previously earned.)

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    1.3.3     12/9/2015

    • Added a safeguard to help prevent adding a duplicate child record. The new feature notifies you if you are attempting to add a new child record that has the same first name, last name, and birthdate as an existing child in the system (either active or inactive).
    • Resolved bug 110 in which "Attending Today" drop down on the Take Attendance screen was not tabulating T&T clubbers.
    • Improved the child listing on Manage Children page to now indicate the leader name that created a child record as well as the creation date. (Previously, only subsequent modifications to the record, after its initial creation, were being reflected.)
    • Improved the “Award Items Needed” listing on View Awards page by:
      • Showing the award thumbnail image by the item name
      • Having the individual award item tallies diminish (after page reload) as items are confirmed under specific children’s names

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    1.3.2     12/1/2015

    • Introduced “Assign Next Book” feature that appears upon completion of the last required section in a handbook, giving leaders an easy way to assign children into an extra-credit option or next handbook within that same program.
    • Added club entrance booklets back into the Add Child handbook selection, since leaders can now easily assign children to their first handbook after completion of entrance booklet.
    • Enhanced ability to quickly find children using the Mozo search boxes. Now you can search not only by club level (i.e. Sparks) but also handbook level (i.e. Sparks HangGlider). See reference list of search box shortcuts here.
    • On View Awards page, when you filter children by club using the “Filter By” drop-down, now the “Award Items Needed” listing responds as well. (E.g. a “Cubbies” filter selection that showed only Cubbies kids having earned awards, will now also limit the “Award Items Needed” listing to Cubbies award items.)
    • Resolved technical issue 108, in which the "filter by" drop down box was duplicating choices, creating unnecessary repetition and visual clutter. 

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    1.3.1     11/18/2015

    • Changed View Awards page subheadings to "Today's Awards" and "Past Awards" to more clearly indicate the time periods being summarized.
    • Implemented fix for technical issue #101 in which the "Today's Awards" summary was not showing all awards earned at the time they were earned. Now any award earned during a calendar day will show in Today's Awards until midnight local time, when it will move to Past Awards upon next screen load.
    • Drop-down listings of Awana programs now appear in the chronological sequence from Puggles up through Journey.
    • Implemented fix for technical issue #107 in which reassignment to a new club (and thus handbook) for a child on Manage Children screen was not showing the newly assigned handbook on Handbook Progress screen. 

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    1.3.0     11/10/2015

    • Deployed a major program/handbook listing update. Highlights include:
      • Added Puggles as a club option for the first time
      • Added Trek 2: His Love curriculum products for Trek students
      • Added Journey as a program option for the first time
    • In conjunction with above program/handbook listing additions, recreated/tested all award definitions (criteria that drive award "pop-up" behavior in handbook progress and appearance on view awards)
    • Introduced a much-requested “inactivate a child record” feature
      • Account owners now have the ability to inactivate a child’s record from the Manage Children screen (child listing on left)
      • This action places the child on an “Inactive” tab and removes the child’s listing from all other screens in Mozo
    • Improved View Awards screen interface
      • “Award Items Needed” box now responds to filter by club selection
      • Filtered view of award recipients (by club) remains after confirming an award
    More details are available on the 11/10/2015 edition of Mozo News.
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    1.2.0     10/28/2015

    • Introduced ability to reassign child to another book on Manage Children page (account owners only)
    • Corrected handbook history feature on Manage Children page where check marks where appearing on books or sections that users had not checked off
    • Introduced "attending today" tally feature on Take Attendance page, just under search box, for at-a-glance views of numbers of children marked present in Mozo, both total and by club. Also, added club name under child name on Take Attendance
    • Added search box on Manage Children page to help account owners easily locate the child they want to work with
    • Implemented end user license agreement for all users

    More details are available on the 10/28/2015 edition of Mozo News.

    1.1.3     10/14/2015

    • Added “Latest Mozo News” and “Learn more about this feature” links throughout Mozo
    • Moved “My View” icon and menu item to new location to raise visibility and clarify that it’s available to all users, not only account owners
    • Improved Add Child screen’s “attending today” checkbox so it clears with each new child record saved
    • Improved Handbook Progress screen so that no progression can be marked until a child is selected
    • Improved handling of required vs. optional sections in Handbook Progress screen

    More details are available on the 10/14/2015 edition of Mozo News.

    1.1.2     09/30/2015

    • Alphabetizes the view of children (by first name, then last name) on all screens
    • Note that the children selected in "My View" (formerly manage group) feature will still appear ahead of the alpha order sort in any view

    1.1.1     09/23/2015

    • Additional GMT bug fixes as noted in release 1.0.1. 
    • Changed "Manage Group" feature name to "My View" to more accurately describe functionality
    • Improved search feature on Take Attendance and Handbook Progress related to T&T

    1.1.0     09/14/2015

    •  Improvement in performance by reducing network latency and implementing caching

    1.0.1     09/09/2015

    • Resolved issue where children checked in before 23:59 GMT (example 6:59 pm Central) would no longer be marked as attended when the time rolled over to 0:00 GMT (example 7:00 pm Central)

    1.0.0     09/01/2015

    • Mozo stable release launched
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