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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016 03:25PM CDT

Last Update: 1/13/2016
Issues below are currently being worked by developers or in queue to be worked; see status on each. Priority determined by impact to greatest number of users and development resources available to take on new issues.

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Open Issues

No known issues at this time.

Resolved Issues

Service Disruption - Resolved 9/22/2016
Connectivity issues between our application and database servers negatively impacted Mozo user experience, or prevented access altogether.
Reported: 9/21/2016
Status: Resolved
Bug 111 - Resolved with Release 1.4.1
Unable to add new child records into Mozo for new accounts who are attempting to add their first child records
Reported: 12/22/2015 (confirmed by multiple reports on 1/4/2016)
Status: Resolved
Bug 109 - Resolved with Release 1.4.1
Adding a new child to Puggles not working
Reported: 12/2/2015
Status: Resolved

Bug110 - Resolved with Release 1.3.3
"Attending Today" drop down on the Take Attendance screen was not tabulating T&T clubbers.

Bug108 - Resolved with Release 1.3.2
On View Awards screen, "filter by" dropdown box is duplicating choices creating unnecessary repetition and visual clutter.

Bug101 - Resolved with Release 1.3.1
View awards summaries working inconsistently

Bug107 - Resolved with Release 1.3.1
Reassignment to a new club (and thus handbook) on Manage Children screen not showing newly assigned handbook on Handbook Progress screen

Bug102 - Resolved with Release 1.3.0
Award pop-ups within handbook progress working inconsistently

Bug104 - Resolved with Release 1.2.0
Children assigned to wrong handbook upon initial creation in Add Child screen cannot be changed to another handbook as their "default"

Bug106 - Resolved with Release 1.2.0
Handbook History feature is marking Apple Acres "Extra Credit" and HoneyComb Handbook "Required" and "Extra Credit" buttons as checked after a child's first sections (in any handbook) are completed in the Handbook Progression screen.

Bug105 - Resolved with Release 1.1.1
Children marked as T&T Ultimate Challenge clubbers not pulling up in search when "tt" or "t&t" shortcut search terms are used. (Only Ultimate Adventure clubbers pulling up)

Bug103 - Resolved with Release 1.0.1
Erroneous time zone assignment issue may cause children marked "present" to revert to "not present"
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